Stop the Madness!  Stop the Insanity!

Overcoming overwhelm for good. 

Using our Energy Leadership attitudinal assessment, we will unveil your distractions and obstructions and uncover why they are getting in your way.  

Moving from To-Do’s to Ta-Da’s:

What do you want…Really? And how to ‘Get ‘Er Done!’      
Here you will begin to identify your Wants vs. Needs. By creating a personal mission and vision, you can begin to create a life that YOU truly want to design, not one that is being designed for you. We'll reveal your values and how to align and incorporate them into your life (both at home and work).  We will start taming the voices in your head...we all have them! You know...the 'I should have done this or that,' 'I don't want to look foolish,'
etc., voices that oftentimes control most of our decisions.

Holy Shift!

Blazing a Trail: 

Leading through Confidence, Conviction and Commitment
Sure, it's great to have a plan, but you need practical tools to implement your awesome plan!


Getting the Most out of Yourself and your Team   
How are you showing up in your day? Here, we break down how you are living...and leading, communicating and listening. Let's fully engage you in your life so that your relationships are richer, you're making conscious decisions, and you are now at the cause and not the effect of your own life.

Welcome to International Life Coach Radio, Life Coach Chat Channel and HOLY SHIFT!

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Creating a Fight Free Zone:

Extinguishing the flames to reclaim your time and energy   
You're exhausted all the time. There's no time for you, and if you do get a little time, you sit your butt down on the couch and veg out...cause you're just too tired. It's time to fully identify what's holding you back and remove the barriers to your success so that you can feel energized and excited about life again!

Holy Shift! - Inspire Bliss Signature Coaching System


At Inspire Bliss, our main goal is to help our clients shift, in whatever direction they choose. But what does that even shift?

HOLY SHIFT! is the Inspire Bliss Signature System. This process helps our clients embark on a journey that includes shifting their energy, their attitude, their head-space, their perspective, their attitude (whatever you want to call it), to a more productive, positive and forward moving center. We are so often living at the effect of our lives and not driving our lives in the direction we want for ourselves. The HOLY SHIFT! system works to breaks down barriers (real or perceived) that are getting in the way of where you want to go. Some of us have lost so much of ourselves along the way, we don't even know where we want to go. We'll help you unveil that as well!

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Balance and Bottom Lines:

Achieving Sustainable Results and Having Fun!      
Let's bring it all together so that you can be productive in your life, achieve balance (whatever that means to you), have energy and passion, and create new sustaining habits to support yourself. And yes, let's have some fun doing it!!

Stepping into the Future…NOW!

Creating your Legacy  
How do you influence and inspire others? How do you motivate yourself? Let us help you develop a plan for your life, at work and at home. A plan that YOU design!