What have you learned about yourself through the coaching experience?

That I need to take more time for reflection. I get too caught up in the daily "noise" and am not spending enough time evaluating my choices and my journey. This opportunity prompted me to pause and think about my journey and where I ultimately want to be heading. And it made me realize that it is healthier for me if I do this more frequently.'  

Robin Littleworth, Senior Director of Game Studios, WMS - April 2013

'I have learned that my instincts regarding how to manage my team are correct. I often feel timid in moving in certain directions because I don't have a management template from which to draw. But in talking through my ideas, motivations, and goals with Lesley, I found the confidence to be bold.'  

- Anonymous client evaluation, April 2013

'I really liked that the sessions did not feel scripted and that we genuinely talked through the situations. This was a great experience.' 

Anonymous client evaluation, April 2013

What our clients are saying...

WOW!  Lesley overflowed joy, fun, acceptance, expertise, confidence, and love.  She was such a delight and had a commanding, knowledgeable presence.  She put our class at ease and I felt that she was truly invested in our success.  She blew me away.- Student, Raleigh, NC Training November 2016

Lesley is one of the rare people who genuinely treats everyone equally. Her non-judgmental and compassionate traits create a space and environment where students can grow and build their confidence while exposing their vulnerability:  She has more love for each individual than the individuals themselves. I have been to many seminars throughout my professional career but rarely have I found someone who is capable of genuinely accepting and making everyone feel special.  - Student. Miami, FL Training June 2016

I had been staging my staff for significant strategic change but needed to make sure they understood the urgency of the matter. Lesley's presentation was dead on. Her energy and message had a direct impact on my team. Having an outsider explore the value and uncomfortableness of change, truly made all the difference. I highly recommend Lesley! -  Cheri Neal, Zion Township Supervisor, January 2013


How was your coaching experience helpful?

'I must reiterate how helpful my coaching sessions with Lesley were. The whole program is, I think, an essential tool for managers, and Lesley made the conversation fun, casual, but no less serious when it came to working out solutions to problems. She walked me through some calming visualizations that were really about short-term goal-setting in service of reaching a place of professional and personal tranquility. I'm truly grateful for her attentiveness, spirit, and empathy.'

Ian Simmons, Lead Artist, WMS, April 2013

'I am BEYOND grateful for the space that Lesley set since that allowed me to fully show up at an exceptionally difficult personal time for me. Thank you so very much!' - Student in Denver, CO Training, June 2016

'My coaching sessions were exactly what I needed. I can't think of anything that might have improved them.'
Anonymous client evaluation, April 2013

'[I want] more sessions!' 

Anonymous client evaluation, April 2013

'I have to tell you how much better I feel!  I cannot thank you enough!' 

Anne H., June 2012

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Additional Feedback:

'I can't say enough good things about Lesley. She was the perfect combination of knowledgeable and fun. She clearly knows the training material and how to help her students related to it. She was easy to approach and so supportive of the group members. She was also hilarious! Which definitely is a bonus when one is sitting in a training for that large amount of time. It's evident she is an awesome coach. Very inspiring!!!' - Student in Minneapolis, MN Training, November 2016

'Lesley overflowed joy, fun, acceptance, expertise, confidence, and love.  She was such a delight and had a commanding, knowledgeable presence.  She put our class at ease and I felt that she was truly invested in our success.  She blew me away and made the first impression with iPEC a great one!' - Student in Raleigh, NC Training, November 2016

'I can't express enough how wonderful Lesley was during our MOD 1 class. Truly, in every way, she was magnificent. She has a way of connecting with each person no matter how diverse. She is funny, warm, knowlegable, experienced and energized. She exudes what it means to be an IPEC coach and with every moment in her presence I can feel her love for her job and her life. I am grateful and honored she was my MOD 1 teacher.' - Student in Raleigh, NC Training, November 2016

'I loved Lesley! She was a phenomenal trainer, offering deep insight and clearly demonstrating her expertise with each mini-presentation, as well as when answering questions. Her boundless energy and her obvious devotion to iPEC's mission and to her students' development created an environment of trust, connection, and learning. Her personal experiences were also enormously compelling and brought all of the concepts to life.' - Student in Raleigh, NC Training, November 2016

'Lesley does not ask of us anything that she does not emulate or model herself.  She is transparent and real, which allows us to give ourselves fully to the training.'  - Student in Minneapolis, MN Training, October 2016

'Lesley is fantastic in presenting information as well as connecting with students. Her energy is contagious and she is funny and incredibly knowledgeable in the iPEC way of life. She definitely walks the talk. She also has such a gift in connecting with all the emotions that are experienced in these training. When the energy needs to be level one and two she connects and is right there to support the emotions. I truly love going to these Modules with Lesley.'  - Student in Denver, CO Training, October 2016

'Lesley is one of the best trainers I have seen. She knows the content, she is confident, she is caring and really connects with each of us, she is tough and has high expectations, she is fair and she is extremely gifted in presentation skills. I like the humor and her musical background. Overall, phenomenal.'  - Student in Minneapolis MN Training, October 2016

'Lesley is an amazing teacher, leader and coach.  She captures and owns a room from the second she steps in the door.  I have learned a lot about coaching and about life from this amazing woman.  I am so impressed!!!' - Student in Denver, CO Training, September 2016

'Lesley is amazing!! The time just flew by each day, she is fun, witty, and extremely knowledgable!'  Student in Denver, CO Training, July 2016

'I can't imagine anyone presenting this information in a more effective way!'

'Lesley was amazing!! She brought high energy every day, was deeply knowledgeable about every facet of the curriculum, and had wonderful examples from her own practice and her own life. She used humor in so many ways to make the days fun and engaging and to help build report between herself and the students as well as among the students.' - Student in Philadelphia, PA Training, January 2016